How to Order Igenity

Commercial Beef Cattle

Igenity Tech Sheet

Igenity DNA profiles help producers select, manage and market cattle with more confidence. Evaluate maternal, performance, and carcass traits in one report. Focus time, feed and resources on young stock of verified merit to improve profit potential and industry independence.

  • Confidently select for more productive cows.
  • Confidently select for calf crops matching production, marketing and grazing goals.
  • Confidently select for grids, value-added programs and retained ownership.

Igenity – Confident Selection

Igenity Silver Profile (Crossbred and multiple breeds) —A baseline profiler for six maternal, performance, and carcass traits plus parentage—ideal for heifers that will produce feeder calves.

Igenity Gold Profile (Crossbred and multiple breeds) —Get 13 maternal, performance and carcass traits plus parentage—ideal for heifers producing more replacement heifers, high-quality calves, and bulls without EPDs.

Igenity Angus Silver Profile (75% + Angus) —A highly maternal profiler for six maternal, performance and carcass traits plus parentage—ideal as a standard profiler of high-percentage Angus replacement heifers producing feeder calves.

Igenity Angus Gold Profile (75% + Angus) —Get 15 maternal, performance and carcass traits plus parentage—the most powerful, most complete commercial profile for replacement—heifer production and high-end feeder-calf markets.

SeekSire Parentage

Parentage testing compares DNA markers from bulls or cows with calves to verify calves' parentage. It is often used when multiple bulls are mixed with female cattle. All Neogen GeneSeek beef cattle parentage tests, including SeekSire, use USDA and ISAG standard parentage markers. This ensures that the most reliable markers are used to verify parentage and that this critical determination is consistent with standards used by breed associations and researchers worldwide.

Seedstock and AI Sires

Our GeneSeek Genomic Profiler portfolio—the GGP uLD, GGP LD, GGP HD150K and GGP F-250—provides seedstock producers, breed associations and genetics suppliers with ultramodern tools for cattle DNA testing. Highly accurate genomic-enhanced expected progeny differences (GE-EPDs) improve sale results, genomically assist seedstock selection and accelerate breed improvement.

GGP uLD – Affordable power for seedstock heifers

The new GGP uLD will deliver a new genomic-profiling option to help producers select, retain and market seedstock replacement heifers. Never before has such power been so affordable. As breed associations add the GGP uLD to their DNA testing portfolio, seedstock producers will have an option for heifer selection, development and marketing.

GGP 50K – A new generation 50K for sale bulls and herd sires

The new GGP 50K is an ideal tool to test an entire bull calf crop, with high-accuracy performance at an affordable price. It replaces the GGP LD as the workhorse of the GGP portfolio. Seedstock producers will take advantage of high-accuracy GE EPDs that enhance their selection, management and marketing practices. Ten years of genomics research is distilled into this powerful new product, the GGP 50K.

GGP LD – A workhorse profiler for sale bulls

An ideal tool to test an entire bull-calf crop, the GGP LD is an effective genomic profiler for seedstock selection and management. It offers affordable performance, along with parentage and genetic-health screening. Nearly all major breed associations offer the GGP LD as their workhorse profiler for routine use. The GGP LD will be replaced by the new GGP 50K.

GGP HD150K – Most powerful commercial seedstock profiler

The new GGP HD150K will become the gold standard for imputation in commercial genomic profilers. It is ideal for elite sires, donor dams, A.I. studs and other high-impact seedstock. Many A.I. companies use the GGP HD150K to qualify their studs. The GGP HD150K fills in details that other tests miss. This enhances accuracy for high-performance parentage data in one-step-method pedigrees, whole-herd genotyping and embryo genotyping.

GGP F-250 – A powerful discovery tool for bovine research

The GGP F-250 is used by researchers to detect important DNA variations in cattle – was built for public/private collaborations among scientists at the USDA, universities, breed associations and GeneSeek, along with producer research cooperators, to discover key trait variations for next generation GGP profilers. The product offers genotypes for GE-EPDs as well as screening for over 200,000 genetic conditions that scientists think may have important effects on cattle fertility, health, performance and growth.

Custom Panels & Arrays

Custom panels and arrays are available for researchers or breed associations seeking unique solutions for beef cattle. Neogen GeneSeek experts are available to help create a custom panel or custom array for individual needs—research or commercial. In addition, assistance is available for creating custom prediction equations and bioinformatics solutions.