How to buy GGP

Effective, affordable profiling to select, manage and market sale bulls

An ideal tool to test an entire bull-calf crop, the GeneSeek Genomic Profile Low-Density (GGP LD) is an effective genomic test for seedstock selection and management. It offers high-accuracy performance at an affordable price, along with parentage and genetic-health screening. Nearly all major breed associations offer the GGP LD as their workhorse product for cattle DNA testing.

  • Genomic-assisted selection. Using DNA profiling, seedstock producers can identify the best bull calves for herd sire development.
  • Profiling bull calves for sale. Deliver highly accurate GE-EPDs to pinpoint yearling bulls’ strengths for sale day.
  • Fits modern methods. Supplies tens of thousands more markers for the new single step method of GE-EPD calculation.
  • Reputation builder. Beef genomics provides independent verification of quality for repeat buyers, new customers, distant buyers and internet auction viewers.
  • Smart design. Contains tens of thousands more markers than comparable profilers, including gene markers from chromosome areas that are more actively involved in cattle variation.
  • Genetic health. The GGP LD contains over 100 gene markers for genetic conditions in cattle.

Technical Information