About Igenity Beef

Igenity® Beef utilizes DNA to predict genetic variation in both heifers and steers, providing an additional selection tool to cattle producers. Producers also use Igenity in the production of high-value feeder calves and to score commercial bulls being used as sires. Igenity Beef is the new profile replacing the Igenity Gold and Igenity Silver, consisting of 16 maternal, performance, and carcass traits plus parentage. The Igenity Beef dashboard and custom indexes are designed to help cow-calf producers make confident decisions about heifers they retain and develop for their breeding herd.

Igenity Confident Selection

  • The FIRST and ONLY complete heifer profile designed for crossbred and straightbred cattle
  • Tool for ranking and selecting replacement heifers and scoring commercial bulls
  • New indexes allow for multi-trait selection
    • Can be personalized to fit specific production or market opportunities

What’s Happening to Igenity Gold and Silver?

Igenity Beef was officially launched on August 1, 2018. Igenity Gold orders placed after August 1 are being upgraded to Igenity Beef. Customers who place an order for Igenity Silver will be contacted and offered Igenity Beef for an additional $4.00. Those who do not respond within 24 hours will receive Igenity Silver results, as requested. This policy is in effect until November 1, 2018. At that time, all Igenity Gold and Silver orders will be billed and completed as Igenity Beef.

New Profile

Igenity Beef $29

Same 13 traits as Igenity Gold

FREE Parentage

Igenity Production Index


  • Weaning Weight (WW), Yearling Weight (YW), and Hot Carcass Weight (HCW)
  • Maternal and Terminal Indexes

Old Profiles

Igenity Silver$25

  • 6 traits included
  • FREE Parentage

Igenity Gold$40

  • 13 traits included
  • FREE Parentage
  • Igenity Production Index

I want to order Igenity Beef — What now?

Getting Started with Igenity – Technical information includes everything you need to get started with Igenity: selection of product, when and how to take a DNA sample, how to order Igenity, and what to do once you have a sample.

Igenity Fact Sheet – Technical information includes information on new Igenity Beef genomics portfolio, benefits of using the product, and information on SeekSire parentage.

I have my results - What do they mean?

The online Igenity Beef Dashboard is a mobile-friendly, up-to-date result and decision making tool for Igenity customers. It offers online access to orders, easy-to-read results, benchmarking tools and reports, and indexing tools to assist in planning, management, and selection for your herd. For a detailed description on how to interpret results, refer to the Igenity Beef Results Key.

Igenity Beef Results Key – Technical information includes how to interpret your Igenity Beef results, definitions of all 16 traits, how to use your results to make selection decisions, and information on territory managers.

Questions about the new Igenity Beef Profile?

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What is an Index and How Do I Use It?