Igenity LogoTy McClary, Guest Host, American Rancher, and Dr. Stewart Bauck, General Manager of Genomics, Neogen, discuss improving EPD's through the use of DNA-based testing, taking the guess work out of selecting bulls and replacement heifers.

The American Rancher - "Neogen Igenity Genetic Testing"

Igenity LogoTy McClary, discusses the merits of Igenity's Beef Replacement Heifer Profile.

Igenity Replacement Heifer

Dr. Jim Gibb, Technical Services Director, IgenityDr. Jim Gibb, technical services director, Igenity, discusses Igenity's Beef Replacement Heifer program, inhancing cattle selection programs with DNA-based EPD's, and SeekSire Parentage Testing.

Superior Sunrise Interview with Dr. Gibb