How to order Igenity

Igenity® Angus Silver is a highly maternal profile consisting of six maternal, performance and carcass traits plus parentage. This profile is ideal as a standard cattle DNA test for Angus replacement heifers producing feeder calves.

  • Igenity Angus Silver reports are easy to read
  • Heifers are ranked using a strongly maternal Igenity Angus Production Index
  • Key traits in the report correspond to Angus Association EPDs
  • Backed up by easy online decision tools at the Igenity Beef Dashboard

Igenity Angus Silver helps producers raise more cows that have strong maternal performance while producing quality Angus calves.

Igenity Angus Silver Profile for Heifers (75% + Angus)

Six traits ideal for profiling of Angus commercial replacement heifers

  • Maternal: Calving Ease Maternal, Heifer Pregnancy, Docility, Milk
  • Performance: Average Daily Gain
  • Carcass: Marbling
  • Parentage: USDA standard parentage markers

Submitting bull DNA. Parentage can be quite valuable to determine which sires are performing in the field. When ordering parentage, supply sire DNA samples prior to or with an Igenity heifer profiling order. Once a bull's DNA is in the Neogen® informatics system, this step does not need to be repeated.

Technical Information