How to buy GGP

Our portfolio of GeneSeek® Genomic Profiler™ (GGP) tools helps breedstock producers select, manage and market cattle with confidence. The portfolio gives breed associations and their members access to cutting-edge cattle DNA testing to accelerate breed improvement.

Genomic-assisted selection. GGP tools help producers invest time and money efficiently as they develop breedstock herds that enhance their profitability and reputation.

Adding value to sale cattle. Genomic enhancement of Expected Progeny Differences (GE-EPDs) helps the breedstock community better serve their customers in the commercial cattle industry. GE-EPD predictions verify maternal, performance and carcass traits, increasing buyer confidence and adding value in the sale ring.

Partner in innovation. From easy sampling in the field through new uses that allow earlier selection, from advanced bio-informatics tools to the latest in beef genomics knowhow, we are always leading the field.

Welcome to the cutting edge. Breeders rely on the advancing innovation of the GGP portfolio to produce outstanding cattle and brand their legacy for reputable breedstock.



GGP 50K for Beef
Sale bulls & herd sires


GGP TropBeef
for Tropically Adapted Cattle


GGP LD for Beef
Sale bulls

Please check with your local representative for availability of these products within your region.