How to buy GGP

The new gold standard

The most powerful commercial seedstock profiler ever, the GeneSeek® Genomic Profiler™ High-Density (GGP HD150K) is an ideal cattle DNA testing solution for elite seedstock, donor dams, A.I. studs and high-impact cattle. This profile will be the new gold standard for imputation by other commercially available genomic tests in beef seedstock. By filling in details of other tests miss, GGP HD150K data on parent animals can enhance the accuracy of beef genomics.

  • New gold standard. The GGP HD150K detects gene variations that are not revealed by other products.
  • Smart design. Contains tens of thousands more markers than any other commercial profiler, including gene markers from chromosome areas actively involved in cattle variation.
  • Imputation standard. GGP HD150K data on parent and grandparent animals can improve accuracy of lower-density profiles used on their progeny.
  • Unique content. Includes the most impactful new markers for cattle performance, reproduction and quality.
  • Elite animals. Specialists use this technology to test training populations, A.I. sires and other high-impact cattle.
  • Genetic health. The GGP HD150K contains over 100 gene markers for genetic conditions in cattle.

Technical Information

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