Igenity-Select is a streamlined genomic profile that is an excellent decision making tool for the commercial dairy industry. It provides highly reliable results at a significant value for cost-conscious producers and is powered by a low-density chip with custom content. In addition, it is supported by the Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDCB) to give accurate results.

Why Igenity-Select?

  • Streamlined genomic profile
  • Excellent decision-making tool for the commercial dairy
  • Provides highly reliable results for cost-conscious producers
  • Powered by a low-density chip with custom content
  • Supported by the CDCB to give accurate results

Breeds supported: Holstein, Jersey and Brown Swiss. All breeds must be at least 87% purebred.

Profile Detail: Results from Igenity-Select include over 45 traits received from the CDCB evaluation and includes content for coat colour, milk components and genetic conditions.


* Traits available for Holstein animals, but may not be available for all breeds.


Product Information

  • Igenity-Select Tech Sheet
  • Igenity Dairy Heifer Program Brochure
  • Product Comparison

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