Neogen® offers a range of genomic solutions for research and development utilising both catalogue and custom genotyping sequencing technologies. Neogen has more than 18 years of genomic research experience utilising populations from mice, production animals, and companion animals.


Neogen Australasia is on the forefront of cattle genomics and cattle genomic testing. Neogen is the premier provider of DNA testing solutions for A.I. sire dairy bull studs and the majority of the registered purebred cattle breeding associations.

GeneSeek Genomic Profilers™ (GGP) are the international gold standard for dairy performance testing due to their custom content and innovative design.

GGP Bovine 50K

The GGP Bovine 50K leverages Neogen's leading SNP selection process to precisely choose the best 50,000 SNP markers to deliver a more accurate evaluation of genetic merit, genome-wide selection, comparative genetic studies, and higher density imputation.

GGP Trop Beef

The majority of commercial bovine SNP chips were developed based on genomic information from Bos taurus animals. The GGP indicus genotyping chip was developed specifically for Bos indicus cattle which account for a large percentage of the beef cattle populations in tropical climates. The GGP indicus genotyping chip powers the new GGP TropBeef product, designed for tropically adapted Australian cattle

GGP Bovine 150K

The GGP Bovine 150K features more than 150,000 SNPs for the most accurate prediction of elite breeding animals available on the market today.

GGP Bovine F-250

The newest offering for Bovine discovery is the GeneSeek Genomic Profiler F-250 (GGP F-250). The array was developed in conjunction with the University of Missouri and other collaborators, the GGP F-250 genotyping chip makes use of Illumina Infinium chemistry and features nearly 200,000 SNPs for accurate evaluation of functional variants such as non-synonymous, frameshift, and premature stop mutations. An additional 35,000 strategically selected SNP assays are included that allows researchers the ability to investigate genetic merit, apply genome -wide selection, and the ability to accurately impute to higher density arrays.

Companion Animals

CanineHD BeadChip

Neogen's laboratory is a leader in providing testing with Illumina BeadChip technology. The CanineHD BeadChip array is an ideal test for use by researchers investigating the canine genome. Data collected from this research can be used to provide information about canine health, as well as providing insight into the inheritance of important human diseases.

The CanineHD BeadChip offers highly polymorphic SNP content which provides uniform genomic coverage ideal for genome-wide association studies (GWAS), determination of genetic merit, identification of quantitative trait loci (QTL), and comparative genetic studies in any breed. This BeadChip was created through a collaborative effort by the LUPA Consortium, an initiative dedicated to using the canine genome to unravel complex disorders in both humans and dogs. The CanineHD BeadChip array, which is powered by, currently contains more than 170,000 markers with an average of greater than 70 markers per megabase (Mb). The BeadChip is in the process of being updated and will soon include nearly 225,000 SNP's.

DNA Parentage Test

The Canine DNA Parentage Test is used to confirm familial relationships between parents and offspring. Breeders and owners of dogs use this test to ensure accuracy of breeding records, confirm and guarantee pedigrees, and protect breed integrity. More info can be found here.

Custom Panels and Arrays

Neogen's laboratory has developed custom panels for research and commercial use that have been very successful globally. We specialise in high through put, rapid turn-around genotyping and our experts would be happy to help you select the appropriate testing platform to fit your needs. If standard genotyping chip options are not appropriate for your particular goals, Neogen laboratories also offer custom Illumina Infinium BeadChips, as well as custom low density marker assisted selection panels. Assays can be tailored to many specific needs for targeted region genotyping including validation studies, association studies or marker assisted breeding programs. We also offer bioinformatics, electronic reporting and a knowledgeable customer service team to translate the data collected into practical, useful information.

Neogen's custom genotyping assays:

  • As few as 500 samples
  • Sample capacity to hundreds of thousands
  • Choose from 1-600,000 SNP assays
  • Multiple species on the same chip
  • Average genotyping success rates > 99%


The GGP Equine SNP70 BeadChip is available from Neogen. The Equine SNP genotyping BeadChip is built on Illumina's Infinium platform and is one of the most comprehensive solutions available for genome-wide genotyping. This improved, second generation BeadChip features more than 65,000 evenly distributed SNPs derived from the EquCab2.0 SNP collection. The Equine BeadChip is a powerful tool to enable identification of genes and polymorphisms that contribute to traits of interest in all major horse breeds.


The Giga Mouse Universal Genotyping Array (GigaMUGA) provides more than 143,000 SNP markers built on the Illumina Infinium platform. The GigaMUGA improves upon the 78,000 SNP MegaMUGA and includes nearly all of the predecessor's content. A majority of the SNP markers are distributed throughout the mouse genome and were selected to be informative in most mouse populations, including wild mice and multiple Mus species, but with a special emphasis for markers that are informative in the collaborative cross and diversity outbred population resources.

Sheep & Goat

DNA testing in sheep can be used to verify parentage, help screen for undesirable mutations and assist in making the right breeding decisions for the herd. Genomic testing using chip based technologies can also be used to develop genomic predictions and genomically enhanced breeding values.

Neogen's genomic testing solutions for sheep include:

  • Genetic recessives and causative mutations
  • Genome-wide selection
  • Determination of genetic merit
  • Identification of quantitative trait loci (QTL)
  • Comparative genetic studies

OvineSNP50 Genotyping BeadChip

The OvineSNP50 BeadChip array features over 54,241 evenly spaced probes that target SNPs, offering more than sufficient SNP density for genome-wide association studies and other applications such as genome-wide selection, determination of genetic merit, identification of quantitative trait loci, and comparative genetic studies. The OvineSNP50 BeadChip provides uniform genome-wide coverage with a mean gap of 46kb.

OvineHD Array

The OvineHD array includes more than 600,000 genomic variants designed by the International Sheep Genomics Consortium (ISGC). The array includes nearly all the content from the original OvineSNP50 array. This higher density array will dramatically increase the power to identify key genes responsible for the desired measured traits.

OvineLD BeadChip

The OvineLD chip includes approximately 15,000 SNPs and is used to accurately impute up to the higher density Ovine arrays. In addition, the chip also contains many additional genetic recessive and causative SNP content.

GoatSNP50 BeadChip

The GoatSNP50 chip utilises more than 50,000 SNP variants to provide uniform genomic covergage. The array was developed by the International Goat Genome Consortium who screened whole genome sequencing data in the following goat breeds: Alpine, Boer, Creole, Katjang, Saanen and Savanna. A total of 10 breeds were used to validate the 52k SNP content.

Other Sheep genetic tests available:

  • Ovine progressive pneumonia virus (OPPV) susceptibility
  • Scrapie susceptibility
  • Spider lamb
  • Myostatin
  • SNP parentage

Sheep & Goat Custom Panels and Arrays

Create assays tailored directly to your specific needs for targeted region genotyping, validation studies, association studies, or marker-assisted breeding programs. Neogen offers custom Illumina Infinium BeadChips, as well as less dense marker assisted selection panels.


Developed through collaborations between corporate and academic scientists, the GeneSeek Genomic Profiler (GGP) for Porcine includes the 34,000 SNPs that were most informative from the Porcine60K, it eliminates the 20,000 SNPs that did not have the best utility (low level of informativeness) in the major commercial breeds, it also includes an extra 17,000 SNPs to fill in the gaps of the chromosome and provide better coverage. It is important to note that the GGP chip also includes many more SNPs on the telomere regions of the chromosome to better account for recombination that may happen there. The GGP Porcine BeadChip also includes several genetic markers that may directly impact disease and performance traits.

Custom Panels & Arrays

Create assays tailored directly to your specific needs for targeted region genotyping, validation studies, association studies, or marker-assisted breeding programs. Neogen offers custom Illumina Infinium BeadChips as well as less dense marker assisted selection panels.

Please check with your local representative for availability of these products within your region.