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Neogen® is a certified satellite laboratory of BioTracking, the manufacturer of the BioPRYN, an early stage cattle pregnancy detection test. The BioPRYN test is a convenient, non-invasive alternative to palpation and ultrasound pregnancy evaluation that provides accurate and cost-efficient results from a blood sample. Using this test, early pregnancy detection is available for cattle, sheep, goat, and bison with results for pregnancy detection are generally available the day after receiving the samples (if received on Friday, results will be available the following Tuesday).

The BioPRYN test is an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) that evaluates a serum or plasma sample for the presence of the pregnancy-specific protein B (PSPB). PSPB is only produced by the placenta of an animal with a growing fetus. PSPB concentrations can be accurately measured in blood within 28 days post-breeding (DPB) in adult cows, 25 DPB in heifers, 30 DPB in goat/sheep, and 40 DBP in bison. Animals must be at least 73 days post-calving.

For embryo transfer in cattle, blood can be taken at 28 days of embryo age (21 days after the transfer of a 7-day old embryo). When these protocols are followed, the test is 99% accurate when calling an animal "OPEN" and 95% accurate when a "PREGNANT" call is made.

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