Custom Genotyping / Genotyping Arrays

Neogen®’s genomics lab provides custom tools for genotyping variants in any species, enabling you to study species that do not already have standard genotyping arrays. This can also allow you to focus on the genetic markers very specific to your unique area of interest.

Neogen can also create assays tailored directly to your specific needs for targeted region genotyping, validation studies, association studies, or marker-assisted breeding programs. Neogen offers custom Illumina Infinium BeadChips and Affymetrix Axiom Arrays, as well as less dense marker-assisted selection panels.

Neogen’s custom genotyping arrays:

  • As few as 1,000 samples
  • Sample capacity to hundreds of thousands
  • Choose from 1,000–600,000 SNP assays
  • Multiple species on the same chip
  • Average genotyping success rates > 99%

Custom Genotyping / Marker Assisted Selection (MAS) & Marker Assisted Management (MAM)

Neogen’s lab allows you to utilize the power and precision of mass spectrometry based genotyping by providing routine genotyping services using flexible and customizable panels (1-400 genetic markers), as well as unlimited sample sizes for aiding programs using genetic information in selection management or breeding. Whether samples need genotyped daily, weekly, or monthly, Neogen is able to provide flexible turn-around time and the accurate data quality needed for any breeding decision. Neogen has several platforms, including genotyping by sequencing (GBS), that can be used to provide flexible solutions for making selective breeding decisions and better herd or crop management.

Please check with your local representative for availability of these products within your region.