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Dairy trait and genetic conditions testing packages combine tests for related traits into one testing solution, including packages for milk protein variants, breeding stock traits, and deleterious genetic conditions. Screening for a variety of traits and genetic conditions at the same time and from the same sample will allow for better management of deleterious recessives as well as the proliferation of desirable traits in the dairy cattle population.

In addition, Neogen® houses their own veterinary diagnostics laboratory. The veterinary diagnostics laboratory processes bovine diarrhea virus (BVD) samples as well as BioPryn pregnancy samples and Johne's testing. BVD can be done on the same sample as genomic testing (hair, blood and tissue) to provide more value from just one sample.

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Igenity® Milk Proteins Traits

Selection tool for milk protein management, including A2 beta casein, beta casein AB, kappa casein, and beta-lactoglobulin to give the complete milk protein profile. This package allows dairy producers to select animals that produce A2 milk, which can then be sold at a premium. Neogen is the only commercial laboratory in the US certified by A2 Milk Company to do this type of testing.

Beta casein AB, kappa casein and beta-lactoglobulin can be used to select animals that have superior abilities in cheese production.

Igenity Breeding Stock Traits

Broad screening bundle for breeding cattle selection, including milk proteins (A2 beta casein, beta casein AB, kappa casein, and beta-lactoglobulin), horned/polled and embryonic lethals (HH1, HH3, HH4, HH5, JH1, AH1 and BH2). This package is ideal for confirmatory testing on elite breeding stock animal in addition to the available profile add-ons.

Igenity Recessive Traits

The ideal screening tool to confirm the presence of deleterious recessives, including HCD, BLAD, Brachyspina, Citrulinemia, DUMPS, SAA, SMA, SDM, Weaver, and Holstein Mulefoot in Brown Swiss and Holstein cattle.

BVD Testing

BVD diagnostic testing can be done as an add-on to any sample submitted for the Igenity Dairy Heifer Program. If an animal tests positive for BVD-PI, the sample will not continue on for genomic testing. This ensures that you are only paying for genomic profiles on animals most likely to become superior females.

Neogen's veterinary diagnostics lab can run BVD tests on Allflex TSUs, hair or blood samples. Allflex TSUs are run using a commercial ELISA kit while hair or blood samples are run using Real Time-PCR. Neogen's laboratory is ISO 17025 accredited by the American Association on Laboratory Accreditation.

SeekSire™ Cattle Parentage

In modern dairies, reproductive protocols, parentage verification is a key tool in genetic improvement. SeekSire parentage measures a unique mix of world-standard parentage markers recognized by the USDA and International Society of Animal Genetics. This is an essential tool for confirming the genetic contribution of parent stock and reliable decisions made in genomic-assisted mating, trait screening and herd improvement. All Neogen® bovine genomic tests use this unique set of parentage markers. Sire and dam information must be on file to utilize this information. If not on file, all putative sires and dams will also need to be tested.

Dairy Add-ons

In addition to genomic profiling, the Igenity Dairy Heifer Program includes additional add-on content that can be purchased along with select profiles. Add-on content can add additional value to existing profiles by giving you more information on the same sample. Add-on content includes BVD diagnostic testing and Y SNP testing, as well as further testing for important causative mutations in dairy cattle.

Y SNP Testing

Y SNP testing is done exclusively by Neogen and can be done as an add-on to Igenity-Elite, Igenity-Prime, Igenity-Select and Igenity-Essential profiles. There is a phenomenon in cattle where male DNA fragments are present in the female. This causes decreased reproductive efficiency in females with Y SNP present. By testing for this phenomenon, you can increase reproductive efficiency in your herd.

CRV's Better Life Traits

CRV's Better Life Traits

Imagine having an easier to manage, healthier herd. With the unique breeding values Better Life Health and Better Life Efficiency, CRV can help you have a problem-free herd that efficiently transforms feed into milk and has long lasting production.

These novel traits are now available to producers in the United States via the Igenity Dairy Heifer Program. CRV's Better Life Traits can be ordered as an add-on to any Igenity profile and includes:

  • Better Life Health
  • Better Life Efficiency
  • Hoof Health
  • Udder Health

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