Neogen®'s genomic laboratory is one of the most experienced laboratories in the world for equine DNA research and development and has processed the largest volumes of equine whole genome arrays. Genetic testing for horses is at the forefront of ensuring desired breed traits are selected and for verifying the animal’s breed if its pedigree is called into question.


Affymetrix Axiom Equine HD Array

Affymetrix Axiom Equine HD Array

The 670,000 SNP Affymetrix Axiom Equine HD Array was designed after screening more than 2 million SNPs spanning the Equine genome.

Geneseek Genomic Profiler Equine SNP70 BeadChip

GGP Equine70k

The GGP Equine70k features more than 65,000 evenly distributed SNPs.



SynchroGait is a diagnostic DNA test based on a research project that identified a gene variant that has a major impact on the gait and coordination of horses.


Custom Panels and Arrays

Custom Panels & Arrays

If standard genotyping chip offerings are not appropriate for your particular research goals, Neogen offers custom Illumina Infinium BeadChips and Affymetrix Axiom Arrays, as well as custom low-density marker-assisted selection panels.

Please check with your local representative for availability of these products within your region.