Using the expertise and technology at our Neogen® Genomics facility in Lincoln, NE, we offer the next generation of genomic testing solutions for the food safety industry. This service is for anyone looking for more precise answers without possessing the capability or resources to invest in the development of genomic testing solutions. Customers look to commercial or contract testing laboratories to provide answers but find subcontracting NeoSeek™ more economical than retaining the same capabilities.


16S Metagenomics

16S Metagenomics provides companies with complete microbiological profiles of submitted samples. Food production companies use next-generation sequencing provides to provide additional data to help determine spoilage organisms, and potential sources, microbiological profiles of a facility, or potential microbiological limitations of shelf life. 16Smetagenomics combines unbiased sampling techniques with broad-based sequencing identification to provide a list of each organism in a sample.


STEC Confirmation

NeoSeek's breakthrough STEC confirmation technology provides next-day, DNA-specific test results for pathogenic STEC E. coli strains. Results are provided from enriched samples through our genomics laboratory from an enrichment culture for seven STEC E. coli strains — O26, O45, O103, O111, O121, O145, and O157.

NeoSeek uses mass spectrometry-based multiplexing to develop a "DNA barcode" for STECs and then compares those results with the known genetic makeup of the reference E. coli strains to identify and differentiate STECs from generic E. coli. NeoSeek provides confirmation directly from an enrichment broth, avoiding colony isolation by phenotype.


Salmonella Serotyping

NeoSeek for Salmonella serotyping service provides molecular serotype determination from a colony isolate in 72 hours. The assay utilizes targeted amplicon PCR coupled with next-generation sequencing to develop a genetic profile for the colony isolate and then compares those sequence results with the known genetic makeup of the reference database to determine the specific Salmonella serotype present.


Species Identification

NeoSeek's meat species identification service detects adulteration in raw or cooked samples at as little as 0.1%, or 1% horse, pig, chicken, beef or sheep, by utilizing a DNA-based assay featuring specialized real-time PCR technology. Precise quantitation results of the percentage of adulteration of a meat sample are also available.

Please check with your local representative for availability of these products within your region.