The new generation GGP Bovine 50K leverages Neogen’s leading SNP selection processes to precisely choose the best 50,000 SNPs. this delivers a more accurate evaluation of genetic merit, genome-wide selection, comparative genetic studies, and higher density imputation.

The GGP Bovine 50K contains all the content from popular lower density commercial arrays. Additionally, it has validated and retained the most informative SNPs from the original Illumina Bovine SNP50 and Illumina Bovine HD Bead Chips. Utilize the best content from the most commonly used commercial genotyping arrays, and for a low affordable price, PLUS comprehensive parentage, disease and trait relevant SNPs.

Additional Key Features of the GGP Bovine 50K include:

  • Comprehensive information. Includes approximately 16,000 of the most informative SNPs from the original Illumina Bovine SNP50k. 39,000 SNP overlap with the GGP Bovine 150K and greater than 12,000 SNPs from the previous version of the GGP-LD array are included. More than 44,000 SNPs overlap with the Illumina Bovine HD array.
  • Smart design. A majority of the SNPs were specifically chosen for high minor allele frequency values and uniform genome coverage for a majority of the Bos taurus and several of the Bos indicus breeds.
  • Verify parentage. Includes all commonly utilized USDA and ISAG parentage SNPs. Hundreds of SNPs to enable conversion of ISAG microsatellite parentage data.
  • Breed identification. Proper identification of Holstein, Jersey, and Brown Swiss cattle.

Designed with dairy in mind

SNPs were selected for maximum informativeness in the following dairy cattle breeds:

Holstein, Jersey, Brown Swiss, Ayrshire, Guernsey, Gyr, and Girolando.

Technical Information

Please check with your local representative for availability of these products within your region.