How to buy GGP

Breed association profiler for sale bull GE-EPDs

The GeneSeek® Genomic Profile Low-Density (GGP LD) was introduced as effective genomic test for seedstock selection and management. It offers high-accuracy performance at an affordable price, along with parentage and genetic-health screening. Nearly all major breed associations offer the GGP LD as their workhorse product for cattle DNA testing. This genomic profile is being phased out and replaced by the new GeneSeek Genomic Profiler™ Bovine 50K, a more advanced profiler.

  • Genomic-assisted selection. Using DNA profiling, seedstock producers can identify the best bull calves for herd sire development.
  • Profiling bull calves for sale. Deliver highly accurate GE-EPDs to pinpoint yearling bulls' strengths for sale day.
  • Fits modern methods. Supplies tens of thousands more markers for the new single step method of GE-EPD calculation.
  • Reputation builder. Beef genomics provides independent verification of quality for repeat buyers, new customers, distant buyers and internet auction viewers.
  • Smart design. Contains tens of thousands more markers than comparable profilers, including gene markers from chromosome areas that are more actively involved in cattle variation.
  • Genetic health. The GGP LD contains over 100 gene markers for genetic conditions in cattle.

Technical Information

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