Pig 2

The GGP Porcine BeadChip is built on Illumina's Infinium platform and is one of the most comprehensive solutions available for genome-wide genotyping for swine. This improved, third generation BeadChip features more than 51,000 evenly distributed SNP's. The SNPs are evenly distributed throughout the autosomes but are more concentrated at the telomeres to account for the higher rates of recombination. The average probe spacing is 43 kb.

The GGP Porcine BeadChip also includes several genetic markers that may directly impact disease and performance traits in pigs such as:

  • SNP WUR10000125 that has an impact on PRRS tolerance
  • A dystrophin defect that is associated with Porcine Stress Syndrome
  • Commonly utilized USDA parentage/identity SNPs
  • Porcine Stress Syndrome (HAL)
  • Rendement Napole (RN)
  • Marker that may infer resistance to E. coli (F4 ab/ac)
  • SNPs that have been demonstrated to have an impact on feed intake/conversion/weight gain, lean growth/fat content, and meat quality

Product Information

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