What is Smart Design?

Smart Design is the selection and design of cattle DNA testing markers in the GeneSeek® Genomic Profiler™ (GGP) portfolio. This expertise powers advanced and affordable genotyping solutions, and is continuously improving the utility of the GGP portfolio.

  • More coverage. The GGP LD and GGP HD150K contain tens of thousands more markers than alternative products in their class.
  • Higher quality. Smart Design picks gene markers from active chromosome regions, adds on gene markers that cause variation in traits and includes over 100 genes for genetic conditions in cattle.
  • Different content. GGP LD and GGP HD150K contains unique markers affecting health, fertility, growth and performance.
  • Synergistic performance. Smart Design across the GGP portfolio provides a line of products that work in concert across the herd and/or breed.
  • Global standard. GGP products use globally recognized USDA and ISAG parentage markers.

As new markers are discovered, they are introduced to commercial producers via the GGP portfolio. Examples include:

  • Y chromosome test. Working with US-MARC, Neogen has included gene markers to identify sub-fertile heifers that carry fragments of male Y chromosome.
  • PLAG1 growth marker. A trait for growth rate and stature, under study at Iowa State University.
  • BRD resistance. A multi-institution study is identifying genes that convey natural resistance to bovine respiratory disease.
  • Large USDA study. Working with leading researchers to validate 220,000 new gene markers for future DNA fertility and performance applications.
  • Gene/Environment interaction. A study assessing genomic adaption to the environment at the University of Missouri.
  • Ongoing updates. As new traits are validated they are incorporated into commercial GGP products and services.

Please check with your local representative for availability of these products within your region.