How to sample DNA

The process of gaining knowledge from beef genomics begins with a DNA sample. DNA can be collected at any time in the life of the animal, and the sooner you sample, the earlier you can make use of the information revealed in the DNA. The following types of samples are indicated for tests offered and types of animals involved.

Instruction Tech Sheet

We have created a Getting Started tech sheet that takes you step by step through common DNA sampling methods.

Getting Started Tech Sheet
Tissue Sampling Unit (TSU) Tech Sheet

How to use DNA test results

Igenity profiles

Igenity profiles help you manage your cow herd. One report assesses maternal performance and carcass traits your heifers pass on to the offspring.

Igenity results report

You can receive this report via mail or email, or look at the results online. The report uses DNA results to profile animals on a simple 1 to 10 scale. This gives you the ability to pinpoint genetic issues you wish to emphasize in your breeding program through heifer selection, purchase of sires or A.I. service.

Igenity indexes

Your result report also ranks your cattle with an Igenity Production and Maternal Index score. This 1-10 scale ranks your heifers from top to bottom, so you can easily pick the keepers and group the rest with your feeder calves. You have multiple indexes available.

Igenity custom indexing

You can create your own selection index online. This allows you to customize the way you sort cattle for your ranch environment, production system or marketing goals.

Igenity benchmarking

You can also use online tools at to benchmark your cattle with other records in our database, which contains hundreds of thousands of records.

Creating opportunities with beef genomics

Raise more cows that have more calves

Igenity profiles can help you select for maternal traits that affect fertility and reproduction, the most impactful economic variable, and optimize production per cow.

Improved maternal traits help solve several issues, such as:

  • Calving difficulties
  • Cows replacement rate
  • Heifers with poor conception
  • Cattle with poor dispositions
  • Cows that milk too much, or not enough

Improve feed efficiency

Cows and calves that are more efficient converting feed enhance the bottom line. For example, selecting females with lower RFI and higher ADG scores can improve efficiency of post-weaning gain. You can use this potential to guide how you sort, manage, sell, ship or retain pens of feeders that are pre-sorted into calf groups with similar potential.

Carcass value

Why not know and manage carcass merit long before you sell your cattle? You can select heifers that will transmit higher-quality carcasses to their progeny. You can pre-sort high-quality cattle and lower-potential cattle to feed, manage and market each group appropriately. Predicting carcass potential a key to success when retaining calves to finish.

Solving a specific problem

Some producers wish to address an issue in their cow herd. A common goal is to improve conception rates in two-year-old heifers. Retaining weaned heifers with the best Igenity heifer-pregnancy scores – plus buying calving-ease bulls with heifer-pregnancy EPDs in the top 30% of their breed – can save years of guesswork.

Making general progress

A selection index allows you to put selection pressure on multiple traits at the same time. Igenity Indexes are based on standard, industry-accepted values. The basis of these indexes is transparently listed on your report. Build your own index online, if you wish, and use that to move your herd ahead. Our territory managers are available to help you set up an index for your operation.

DNA Testing Supplies

DNA Testing Supplies are sold online through, or call our customer service department at 877-443-6489. If you have any questions, we are also available by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please check with your local representative for availability of these products within your region.