Igenity Dairy Dashboard

Igenity® Dairy Dashboard is an interactive tool for interpreting genomic results and guiding management decisions. Available on your phone, tablet or computer, Igenity Dairy Dashboard is available for every dairy producer—purebred and commercial, alike.

Igenity Dairy Dashboard allows you to sort and filter genomic results and visualize your data in the form of graphs and charts.

With Igenity Dairy Dashboard, you can:

Feel confident in your selection decisions.

  • View various reports about your animals.
  • Customize reports to show only the traits you need.
  • Sort and filter your genomic results.
  • Create custom indexes to meet your specific breeding goals.
  • Assign custom categories to record your decisions.

Take a snapshot.

  • Show all of the information on your animal in one place.
  • Compare the animal to others in your herd or to all Igenity herds.
  • View key traits in color-coded bar graph based on percentile.
  • Export one-page report containing all animal information.

Gauge your herd.

  • Compare your herd distribution to all herds in the breed database.
  • Know if your herd is above average or below average for multiple traits.
  • Easily switch between available traits.
  • Select a breed for easy comparison.

Know you are headed in the right direction.

  • See progress in your herd over time.
  • Compare your progress to progress of all herds in the database.
  • Easily switch between available traits.

Igenity Dairy Dashboard is available to all customers utilizing Igenity products. Log on to the Igenity Dairy Dashboard to view your genomic results!

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