Igenity® Essential is a streamlined offering for commercial dairy farms that need, well, the essentials. As the most economical genomic profile on the market, Igenity Essential brings the power of genomic technology to your dairy without the bottom line impact. With fifteen of the most economically impactful traits with rapid data delivery, it provides a cost-effective simple sorting tool for purebred Holstein and Jersey cattle.

Why Igenity Essential?

  • Provides producers an alternative to traditional dairy evaluations
  • Provides the key traits essential for replacement heifer selection
  • Powered by low-density chip with custom content

Breeds supported: Holstein and Jersey.

Submission information: Animal ID and breed are required information for each sample submitted. If parentage is desired, please submit NAAB codes for suggested sires. Turnaround time for this profile is approximately 2 to 3 weeks.

Profile Detail: Igenity Essential provides 15 key traits important to dairy production.

Igenity Essential includes the following traits plus additional add-on content


  • Net Merit
  • Milk Yield
  • Fat (lbs)
  • Fat (%)
  • Protein (lbs)
  • Protein (%)
  • Cheese Merit
  • Fluid Merit
  • Somatic Cell Score
  • Productive Life
  • Daughter Pregnancy Rate
  • Daughter Calving Ease*
  • Daughter Stillbirth*
  • PTA Type
  • Dairy Form

Additional Dairy Add-ons


* Traits available for Holstein animals, but may not be available for all breeds.

Please check with your local representative for availability of these products within your region.