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BovineHD BeadChip
The 800K BovineHD BeadChip is the most comprehensive genome wide genotyping array available for cattle

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CanineHD BeadChip
The CanineHD whole genome BeadChip features nearly 230,000 SNPs from the CanFam2.0 reference sequence

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OvineHD BeadChip
The OvineHD array includes more than 600,000 genomic variants designed by the International Sheep Genomics Consortium (ISGC).

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OvineSNP50 BeadChip
The OvineSNP50 BeadChip array features over 54,241 evenly spaced SNP targeting probes.

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GoatSNP50 BeadChip
The Goat SNP50 array included more than 52,000 variants and validated in 10 goat breeds.

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PorcineSNP60 BeadChip
The PorcineSNP60 chip features approximately 50,000 informative SNPs.

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Maize BeadChips
The MaizeLD and Maize SNP50 Arrays include high discrimination coverage with evenly spaced SNPs.

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Custom BeadChips
Create assays tailored directly to your specific needs for targeted region genotyping, validation studies, association studies, or marker-assisted breeding programs.

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