When ordering GGP products from Angus Genetics Inc., count on Neogen Genomics to provide the industry’s most advanced DNA testing methods. We realize you have a choice in who performs your genomic testing. It is our goal to earn the role as your FIRST CHOICE. And we point to our track record for your consideration.

Here are some milestones where Neogen was first for YOU in the industry!

  • First to offer a 50K product!
  • First with an 80K product
  • First with an LD product
  • First with a 150K product!
  • First with a 250K product!
  • First with a uLD product!
  • First with archival TSUs!
  • First in the world with a TSU robot!
  • First to offer commercial Angus profiles!
  • First to sponsor Angus Genomics Symposium!
  • First with embryo genotyping!
  • First chip to discover BRD resistance genes!
  • First chip to discover new fertility genes!
  • First to offer genotyping by sequence!
  • First with an industry-leading Lab Info System!
  • First to hit 2 million DNA samples per year!
  • First in world leadership of livestock genomics!
  • First choice as partner for leading researchers worldwide!

When ordering GGP products from AGI, be sure to click on the correct product selection.

Ordering GGP Through AGI

Please check with your local representative for availability of these products within your region.