Know more about the health & traits of your breeding dogs.

Igenity® Canine VDD-GNA is a panel of tests created specifically for VDD owners and breeders to select the best candidates for breeding – and increase awareness of possible health conditions.

What is included? With a single sample submission, you can gain useful insight on the following traits:

  • Presence of “furnishings”, the characteristic eyebrows and beard known to the Deutsch-Drahthaar breed and how that trait will be passed down to offspring.
  • Identify affected or silent carriers for clotting disorders such as von Willebrand’s Disease Type II and Hemophilia B.
  • Screening for other mutations which increase risk for health complications, including Exercise-induced collapse and Hyperuricosuria.

Sample Collection Guidelines Igenity Canine VDD-GNA submission form

Contribute to research through the VDD-GNA Blood Bank.

As of July 1, 2015, VDD Breeding Regulations require that all litters must have blood samples submitted to the VDD blood bank before the Ahnentafeln can be given to the breeder. The VDD blood bank in Hanover, Germany is run by Professor Dr. Ottmar Distl. VDD-GNA samples are stored at the Neogen® GeneSeek® Operations lab in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Collaboration between the VDD, Neogen and Professor Dr. Ottmar Distl facilitates easy access to samples for research to uncover genetic variants linked to conditions such as Canine Hip Dysplasia (CHD), Shoulder Osteochondritis/Osteochondritis Dissecans (OCD) and Craniomandibular Osteopathy (CMO).

Specific instructions for the blood bank program can be found on the VDD-GNA website in the members-only breeders section. Questions should be directed to the GNA breed warden.

Blood Bank Submission Guidelines

Ready to get Started?

Option 1: Igenity Canine VDD-GNA testing

Order Igenity Canine VDD-GNA for Furnishings, von Willebrands Disease, Hemophilia B, Exercise-induced collapse and Hyperuricosuria. Samples can be collected soon after birth using blood cards at tail docking or at any age using bristle swabs to collect cheek cells from the mouth.

Igenity Canine VDD-GNA submission form

Option 2: VDD Blood Bank

Submissions to the VDD-GNA blood bank are a required step of registration. If the certified VDD-GNA form is all that is received, the sample will be stored, but not tested at Neogen at no additional cost to the owner. Blood tubes and veterinary certification are required for blood bank submissions.

Blood Bank Submission Guidelines

Option 3: Igenity Canine VDD-GNA testing & VDD Blood Bank

Blood bank submissions may also be used for Igenity Canine VDD-GNA testing. Be sure to include the veterinary certified form for the blood bank as well as the Igenity Canine form with payment.

Blood Bank Submission Guidelines Igenity Canine VDD-GNA submission form

Mail samples, submission form and payment to:

Neogen – GeneSeek Operations
Attn: Samples
4131 N. 48th St.
Lincoln, NE 68504

Submission Checklist

1: Canine Igenity VDD-GNA

  • Neogen submission form complete with payment information.
  • Bristle Swabs (2), blood card, or blood tube collected per Neogen's sample submission instructions.

2: VDD Blood Bank

  • Verification sheet received by the breeder from the VDD breed warden, complete with microchip ID, name and vet signature.
  • Include Igenity Canine VDD-GNA submission form and payment if you would like to have testing done in addition to blood bank storage.
  • 3 mL blood in a purple top (EDTA) tube.
    • Freezing is not necessary, cold pack recommended if temp is >85°F
    • Label with microchip barcode sticker and identification sticker

How to order sample collection supplies

Samples for Igenity Canine VDD-GNA are easy to collect at home and can be submitted to the lab for dogs of any age. Results are returned via e-mail in 2-3 weeks from the time the samples are received at the lab. Various methods of sample collection work well based on the timing of testing:

Blood cards are a great method of sample collection to be used on entire litter during tail docking procedures early in life. Make sure to have plenty of blood cards on hand when a new litter is born and follow the sample collection instructions closely maintaining a clean environment.

Bristle swabs are a good option for collecting cheek cells from dogs at any age. Dogs must be held off food for 30 minutes prior to sample collection, including nursing pups.

Blood tubes collected for biobanking can also serve as a sample for Igenity Canine VDD-GNA testing. Simply include a submission form for Igenity Canine VDD-GNA along with your veterinarian certified biobanking form from the breedwarden. These can often be acquired from your local veterinarian.

Canine bristle swab kit

  • Ideal for submission of a single sample
  • Includes 2 cheek swabs (enough for 1 animal)

Individual bristle swabs

  • Minimum order of 10 swabs
  • 2 swabs required per dog

Individual blood cards

  • Ideal for sample collection at time of tail docking
  • Minimum order of 10 cards
  • 1 card required per dog

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