GGP F-250

A discovery tool for scientists exploring the bovine genome

The GeneSeek® Genomic Profiler™ F-250 (GGP F-250) is a discovery tool used by researchers and breed associations to identify new markers in the cattle genome that will help improve fertility, health, growth and performance in cattle. It’s been used to collect data from tens of thousands of cattle to assess 220,000+ markers for potential use in future generations of GGP products. The profile also contains 35,000 informative markers for genomically enhanced EPDs. It’s primary function is Research & Discovery. Examples include:

  • USDA funded consortium. Researchers led by Dr. Jerry Taylor, University of Missouri, have tested nearly 20,000 cattle on the GGP F-250. This team is evaluating 220,000 genes for beneficial or harmful effects.
  • Environment/genetic interaction. A new USDA study, led by Dr. Jared Decker, University of Missouri, will use the GGP F-250 to study the interactions between cattle DNA and the environment. The study is focused on DNA, hair-coat shedding and tall fescue forage.
  • BRD study. A study involving US-MARC and several Land Grant institutions is comparing DNA from beef and dairy cattle to find genes making cattle more or less susceptible to bovine respiratory disease complex.

Studies like these are addressing practical challenges faced by cattle producers and will identify valuable new ways to improve cattle health and management. Discoveries from the F250 will pave the way for future GGP portfolio advancements.

Technical Information

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