How to sample DNA

The process of gaining knowledge from beef genomics begins with a DNA sample. DNA can be collected at any time in the life of the animal, and the sooner you sample, the earlier you can make use of the information revealed in the DNA. The following types of samples are indicated for tests offered and types of animals involved.

Parentage and Genetic health
Blood Test
(Other breeds)
Hair follicles card    
Blood drop card  
Tissue Sample Unit
(Allflex TUS)
Whole Blood - 
EDTA blood tube
 Baby CalvesSteer calves, heifers, cowsBulls
Hair follicles card  
Blood drop card
Tissue Sample Unit
(Allflex TUS)
EDTA blood tube  

Instruction Tech Sheet

We have created a Getting Started tech sheet that takes you step by step through common DNA sampling methods.

Getting Started Tech Sheet

How to order

Breed association partners

GGP products are sold through breed associations. Neogen® is a proud partner with the members, officers and staff of the following breed associations.

Our partners use Neogen DNA testing services to test parentage, verify genetic health and profile cattle for genomic-enhanced expected progeny difference calculations (GE-EPDs).

Bull Sale Promo Kit

When you Go GGP, your DNA test selection says a lot about your commitment to quality in your breedstock operation.

It says that your customers can rely on you to deliver highly accurate GE-EPDs for breedstock whose merit is verified by the most advanced profilers on the market.

To help you promote your investment in quality, we provide GGP logos and rancher educational support for your use in marketing and sales materials, including:

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  • Use the GGP logo or the product logo that corresponds to the test used for a particular animal.

Infographics about genomics

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