How to order Igenity

Igenity® Beef consists of 16 maternal, performance and carcass traits plus parentage. The product and report are designed to help cow-calf producers make confident decisions about heifers they retain and develop for their breeding herd.

Igenity Beef uses DNA in heifer calves to predict variation in their genetic merit as replacement heifers. Some producers also use Igenity in the production of high-value feeder calves and to score composite bulls.

16 traits ideal for heifer selection for maternal line improvement

  • Maternal: Birth Weight, Calving Ease Direct, Calving Ease Maternal, Stayability, Heifer Pregnancy, Docility, Milk
  • Performance: Residual Feed Intake, Average Daily Gain, Weaning Weight, Yearling Weight
  • Carcass: Tenderness, Marbling, Ribeye Area, Fat Thickness, Hot Carcass Weight
  • Indexes: Production and Maternal indexes plus a Terminal index at online dashboard
  • Parentage: SeekSire™ parentage, a unique combination of Bos taurus, Bos indicus, USDA and ISAG parentage markers

Submitting bull DNA. Parentage can be quite valuable to determine which sires are performing in the field. When ordering parentage, supply sire DNA samples prior to or with an Igenity heifer profiling order. Once bull DNA is in the Neogen® informatics system, this step does not need to be repeated.

Technical Information

Please check with your local representative for availability of these products within your region.