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Confident Selection. Igenity® profiles traits that impact cow-herd productivity, helping commercial cattle producers confidently select replacement heifers based on future genetic merit. Igenity is an easy-to-use package to help predict and manage future opportunity.

Igenity – Always the Innovator
Since its introduction in 2003, the revolutionary Igenity DNA testing portfolio has powered more confident decisions in cow-calf production. Today, you can:

  • Rank and select replacement heifers that will meet your future goals
  • Verify sire parentage for a productive, efficient bull battery
  • Produce feeder cattle that fit your market
  • Leverage a growing portfolio of genetic condition tests

The New Igenity Beef profile

  • More power and enhanced decision tools
  • Added traits – weaning weight, yearling weight and hot carcass weight – along with new reports for selection indexes
  • Online Igenity Beef Dashboard to manage your data

Use DNA tests to look ahead – Igenity profiles of replacement heifer calves score maternal, performance and carcass traits that will be passed on to future generations. It may take years to see you retained the best. With Igenity, you can more confidently select the heifers that will protect your investment and maximise potential in each generation.

Igenity is easy to use – Igenity ranks cattle using simple 1-10 scores for key traits and solid indexes. The online Igenity Beef Dashboard makes it easy to sort heifers in a variety of ways and create unique selection criteria for your operation.

Take advantage of DNA selection and heterosis – Crossbred cows have higher fertility and their calves perform better. But most cattle DNA tests are designed for purebreds.

  • Igenity Beef is designed for crossbred or straightbred Black Angus, Red Angus, Hereford, Simmental, Limousin and Gelbvieh cattle
  • Unique design helps you use heterosis plus DNA scores to make faster progress on your goals

Maximize potential, generation after generation – Igenity is about opportunity – and making more confident decisions about the future.

  • A study by the Red Angus Association of America profiled 91 Red Angus calves with Igenity and followed them through harvest
  • The top 25 head scored 2.4 Igenity points higher for ADG and marbling than the bottom 25 head

Improving a 250-head cow herd’s Igenity weaning weight scores by one point would increase calf-crop production by 1,750 pounds annually. Fertility traits are considered lowly heritable. But even modest gains are impactful on your bottom line. A one-point increase in Igenity stayability scores would reduce your cow replacement rate by 48 heifers needed to maintain a 250-cow herd over six years.

The Igenity portfolio includes:

Igenity Beef
16 key traits for crossbred/straightbred heifers

Igenity Angus Gold
(75%+ Angus), 15 key traits for Angus heifers

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