Confident Selection. Genomic testing is applicable and very useful on both registered purebred and commercial dairy operations. It can improve decision-making for replacement heifer selection and allows you to feel confident that you have made the right selection decisions on your dairy. Using genomics can improve the rate of genetic progress by allowing you to make better mating decisions.

Reliable Information. Dairy genomics provides a reliable estimate of the animal's true genetic potential very early in life. When the animal is only two months of age you can have information on how she will perform when she enters the milking herd. This information saves thousands of dollars that would be lost from choosing inferior heifers as replacements.

Elite Technology. The Igenity Dairy Program provides genomic profiling solutions direct to the dairyman for breeding stock, commercial dairy cattle, or crossbred dairy cattle. For breeding stock, Igenity-Prime provide highly accurate results, plus additional add-on content to provide more information. For commercial cattle, Igenity-Select and Igenity-Essential provide streamlined and cost-effective solutions for the commercial dairy operation. Igenity-Basic is the only profile available on the market today for crossbred cattle. Igenity products allow dairy producers to know more about their cattle and feel confident about their selection decisions in their herd.

Please check with your local representative for availability of these products within your region.