NeoSeek™ is a breakthrough pathogen detection and identification service that provides genomic-based serotypes (e.g. Salmonella enterica Enteriditis and Salmonella enterica Heidelberg) within 72 hours from suspected Salmonella positive isolates. A similar service for STEC detection and identification is also available.

Features of NeoSeek's Salmonella serotyping service include:

  • Salmonella serotype determination using DNA-specific test results.
  • 72 hour turnaround time. Days earlier than traditional antibody based methods.
  • The sequence database identifies more than 1,500 other Salmonella serotypes, including CDC's top 30 serotypes of concern.

The NeoSeek technology uses targeted amplicon PCR coupled with next generation sequencing to develop a genetic profile for the colony isolate and then compares those sequence results with the known genetic makeup of the reference database to determine the specific Salmonella serotype present. View Technology Information.

Please check with your local representative for availability of these products within your region.